Current Security Status

SECURE - Flying J, Aurora, Co.

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Accident: 12-01-2010 (Prime Accident # 64773)
Pilot Truck Stop, I-95, Exit 40 in Milford, Ct.

My Truck, 69940, License 93A P4K (Mo.)

LGS Truck with no number affixed, license P634168 (Apportioned) Il.
LGS Trailer with no number affixed, license 375 014 (ST) Il

     The LGS truck was backing into the parking spot to the left of my truck, when his trailer struck the left side of my truck just below the sleeper vent.

     The driver spoke english (some), and offered me $200.00 to say nothing.  He was fearfull of police, and did not want them called.  This was a team truck.  Both occupants spoke with accents not familiar to me.

Photos were taken by me, and these are noted below:

7955 W 59TH STREET
SUMMIT, IL 60501

(708) 924-4010