660469 Retires as 390008 Becomes new Truck Number For Nick

     On July 27th 2018, 660469 reached the end of it's time in service and was retired at the Prime yard in Springfield, Missouri.  660469 was my second mobile Ham radio and communications truck and at the time it was retired had just over 390,000 miles on it.  During it's time in service the truck suffered through one hit by a dumpster in strong winds.  It also required tire replacements in both steers and drives.

     I started with Prime Inc. in 2008 and was trained through their driving academy.  My trainer was Eric Faust in 67367, a Freightliner Centruy Class.     I received my own truck, 69940 on April 09, 2009.  That truck was a 2009 Freightliner Cascadia.  This site was created to allow you to view the services of the truck along with it's current mission status.  Additional capabilities are coming, that will allow you an inside look at what a solo truck driver faces from day to day.

Thank you for stopping by, Be Safe and Have Fun !!!Nick Nick@KC130.Org

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Mission Status - Home Time Bob-Tail to Rescue, Mo.
390008 Volvo VNL-860